Just logon to our site portal and you will be browsing at 250mbp/s Speeds! No need to change anything at all. No need to change your ISP, your router, any settings, your current internet plan. Nothing at all. Just access our custom built RDS portal and gain access to high speed internet. Even if you are on a dialup connection you can browse the internet at over 200mbp/s

You will get access to a remote browser of your choice on our high speed fiber internet link from any computer. And our DNS servers are also on 1000/1000mbps high speed T1 data cloud data centers

Virtual Internet

250Mbps + Browsing


Only $9.99 AUD

Cloud Computing

Our RDS Gateway servers is hosted in the cloud on high speed data center backbone links, load balanced and clustered HyperV Servers.


Security is Paramount. So have insured we have installed and enabled SSL (Secure Socket layer) to our gateway portal. All your browsing is automatically scanned and protected from viruses and malware via our proxy and DNS servers

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Web Developments

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

Helping you browse the web faster!

There is no need to change your ISP, make changes to you billing accounts, no need to change providers, no need to upgrade your connection speed. You wont need a new modem or router. You don't change anything. You just login via our RDS gateway link and you are up and running.
Your RDS portal will also host a number of productivity applications for you to use totally free

Even if you are on a home 10mbp/s ADSL connection. We can get you browsing at over 200Mbp/s without changing or installing anything at all.

$9.99 Per Month


Cloud Computing


Access to useful applications via our portal.

Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Brave Internet Browser
Open Office
Accounting and Invoicing Software
FTP- FileZilla
Google Earth
ZIP applications
Team Viewer
Any desk
Speed Test (Speedtest.net)

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